This procedure allows multiple users to share instagram posts to your Facebook Business page. 



 Only a single Instagram business account can be linked to a Facebook Business page and vica versa.  This makes it impossible for multiple instagram accounts to post to the same Facebook Business page. The solution is to use  a generic email account such as to set up a communal Instagram business account, where users log in using the same same email and password. This also keeps your personal account separate from your business account. 

In addition, an Instagram Business account lets you

  • access a central gallery for all of your business related posts.
  • display business contact information.
  • share Instagram posts directly to your Facebook Business page. 
  • view analytics.



Before you create your Instagram business profile, ensure all people involved have admin access to your Facebook Business page. 

Open Settings.png

Step 1 - In Instragram Open your options menu 

To open your options menu, tap the person icon on the bottom-right of the screen. This will open your Profile page.

From here, Tap on the 3 Vertical Dots (Android) or Gear Symbol (iOS) to open your options menu.

add account.png
sign Up.png

Step 2 - Add and register account

Scroll to the bottom of the Options menu and tap Add Account.
This will prompt you to Sign-in with another account

Create a new account by tapping the Sign-Up link at the bottom of the screen

Step 3 - Sign-up with Email

Register a new account using an Email.
As a best practice, use a generic email address  such as or

In our example,  multiple users will be accessing the same Instagram account, so choose a password that is easy for all users to remember.

Please Note - Emails are limited to 30 characters - If your email address exceeds this number, you will be unable to create an account using this address.


Step 4 - Convert to Business Profile

After registering your new Instagram account, tap the Edit your profile button.

 From the Edit Profile page, tap Try Instagram Business Tools

Step 5 - Log into facebook

Instagram will ask you to provide Facebook login details.

Follow the prompts - This step is used to confirm your ownership/admin credentials to your Facebook Business page.

Note: This step can be completed with any Facebook profile with admin access to your Business Page.


Step 6 - Connect your Facebook Page

Once you confirm your login details, you will be prompted to select a page you administer. 

Select your Business page from the list and then tap the arrow located on the top right of the page.

Step 7 - Confirm your details

Once you have selected your business page, you will be prompted to confirm your contact details.

Fill out the form and tap the tick located on the top right of the screen.

Step 8 - Done

Congratulations, you have completed setting up your Instagram Business Profile.

This business profile can be accessed by anyone who knows the email and password for the account. 

 Step 9 - Run a test

To ensure your account has been correctly configured, make a test post.

Once you reach the share page, you should note that the Facebook icon should now display the name of your Business Page. Select this and share - The post should appear on your Facebook Business Page.

Note: If the Facebook icon does not allow a user to select it, their Facebook profile might not be an Admin on your business page. Add them and try again.

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