How to share instagram posts directly to you business profile

Instagram is a photo and Video sharing social media platform - it makes it easy to take beautiful, well composed, photos. These photos can then be shared to your Facebook and Tumblr account.

By default, Instagram want to post to your personal profile. This step-by-step guide will show you how to share directly to your business page.



Step 1 - Tap on User Profile

Your User Profile can be found on the bottom right of the Instagram app.

This tells you how many posts you have made, how many followers you have, but also gives you access to your account settings.

Step 2 - Open Settings Menu

From your user profile, you'll find a 3 vertical dots icon next to your account name

Tap the icon to open up the options menu

Step 3 - Tap 'Linked Accounts' under 'Settings'

In the Options menu, scroll down to the 'Settings' heading and tap 'Linked Accounts'

This will lead you to the Linked Accounts menu, where you can link Instagram to a number of different Social Media Platforms.

For now, Facebook will be our focus.

Step 4 - Tap the Facebook Icon

You should be prompted to give Instagram access to your Facebook pages.

Accept to continue


Step 5 - Select your Facebook Business Page

You should be presented witha short list of all your pages.

Select your Business page and tap the back arrow.

Step 6 - Done

Future posts you make to Instagram can now be shared to your Facebook Business page.

Follow These Instructions to make your first post and make sure your accounts have been linked correctly.