Asset Builders Pty Limited - Agility Project Services

Our policy is to act in accordance with its obligations as set out in the National Privacy Principles and Privacy Act 1988 as amended. This is a statement to our Users indicating how we collect personal information about you and how we maintain, use and disclose that information.

Obtaining your personal information

Asset Builders will collect your personal information upon you applying to become a member or use the Agility Project – Portal. This information will include your name, contact details, financial details, builders’ licence number, trade references, and any further information required about you so we can make an informed decision as to your fitness to be an Asset Builder Member. Asset Builders will also collect information from you from time to time during your membership.

Use of information by Asset Builders and Agility Project Services.

Generally the information we collect about you (or have collected about you) will be used for the purposes of administration. These purposes include, but are not limited to, establishing your credit status, dealing with sales and financial information, and calculating and paying rebates.

It also includes dealing with Accredited Suppliers to the network which often involves the forwarding of information to, or the gaining of information from, such Accredited Suppliers in order to reconcile payments due. In order to facilitate our dealings with Accredited Suppliers we may require you to sign a separate acknowledgment for use of your information.

We will however from time to time be using your information for purposes other than administration. We will not however do so without obtaining your prior consent. This consent can be given expressly or it may be implied by the conduct of the individuals concerned.

Disclosure of information

Asset Builders may disclose personal information, including the contents of private communications, or as otherwise stated in this policy, or in the good faith or belief that such action is necessary to:

  1. Comply with the legal process;
  2. Protect and defend the rights or property of Asset Builders; or
  3. Act under exigent circumstances to protect the personal safety of our employees or the public.

Access to your information

If you wish to access your information we will require you to issue us with reasonable notice of your request. Upon such notice we will provide access to your personal information held by Asset Builders.

Protection of information

Asset Builders will take all reasonable steps to protect information from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. Y ou may contact Asset Builders during normal business hours on 07 3716 7400

If you wish to discuss our Privacy Policy further please consult our office during normal business hours.

You understand that the information permitted to be disclosed under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) includes:
Details to identify you – that is name, sex, date of birth, current and previous addresses, current or last known employer,and drivers licence number. The fact that you have applied for credit, the amount, or that an Asset Builder member is a current provider to you;Advice that payments previously notified as unpaid are no longer overdue; Payments overdue for at least 60 days and for which collection action has started;Cheques for more than $100 drawn by you which have been dishonoured more than once;In specified circumstances, that in the opinion of that an Asset Builder Member you have committed a serious credit infringement; and The fact that credit provided to you by an Asset Builder Member has been paid or otherwise discharged.

Disclosure of Information Under the Privacy Act

Member acknowledges that they have read and understand the Asset Builders Pty Limited Privacy Statement and understand that the information permitted to be disclosed under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) is disclosed in that schedule.
Member consent and authorise Asset Builders Pty Limited to:

  • Disclose and exchange a credit report or any personal information derived for any report or commercial credit arrangements and provide a copy of my Details (as provided in section 1 of this Member Application Form or otherwise) to any Asset Builders Accredited Supplier Partner (“Supplier Partner”) 
  • From time to time request credit reports on members  credit position/status or otherwise review members  credit file and to request and conduct an initial check on my credit position/status   
  • Obtain copies of financial information from accountant.
  • My monthly purchase records from the particular Supplier Partner with whom the information is being exchanged, including information regarding my monthly purchases from such Supplier Partner
  • My credit position/status, including but not limited to information relating to accounts unpaid  or owing to the particular Supplier Partner with whom the information is being exchanged
  • Verify the details of the Bank Account/Card as recorded on the Membership Application form with my Financial Institution and I authorise my financial Institution to release information allowing Asset Builders Pty Ltd to verify the above mentioned Account/Card Details. 
  • Applicants understand that they need not give any of the personal information requested in this application, however, without this information it may not be possible to process this application or provide an appropriate level of service.