Project Scheduling


The Agility Project Portal takes scheduling very seriously,  but we know that there the process has practical limitations. Ironically,  the further try try to  plan ahead, the less relevant the plan becomes. Too many things can change, no one can really give you a firm commitment. Your time is spent better elsewhere. 

Agility's  scheduling system relies on the fact that you know how to build. For example, you know the frames come before the trusses, and the trusses come before the roof.  We never waste your time, asking you to create schedule dependencies and entering data and that will be out of date within a week.  

 Instead we give you a rolling plan,  based on practical  planning horizons. Generally, we recommend,

  • One month for raw materials and

  • One week for trades.

We also make it easy. Your Gantt Chart is automatically derived from purchase orders. There is no wasted effort or duplication.

Working in bite-sized chunks of time allows you to plan, coordinate and ultimately keep on top of site activities.  Do this each week and you will find your site will be more active and ultimately your projects will be completed faster. 

 The result is a simple,  realistic schedule that works.