Setting up instagram for mobile

Instagram is a photo and video sharing social media site. It makes it easy to take, upload and share great looking photos. Instagram posts can also be shared with Facebook and Tumblr. When shared, these posts look the same as native posts made on their respective platforms.

In Australia, Instagram has over 5, 000, 000 users so it makes a great addition to your other social media accounts. 

Note, if you already have a personal Instagram profile then use this link to set up your instagram business page


Step 1 - Getting Started

Instagram is a mobile application that can be set up through your Facebook account.

Before you sign up to Instagram, make sure you're first logged in on the Facebook App


Step 2 - Open Instagram

Opening the Instagram app will give you a few options.

If you already have an account, you can enter your username and password to log in, or log in through Facebook.

If you haven't got an account. Tap 'Sign up' located at the bottom of the screen.


Step 3 - Continue with Facebook

As mentioned earlier, Instagram is easiest to use with your Facebook account.

If you are already logged into Facebook through the mobile app, you should be given the option to 'Continue as [your name]'


Step 4 - Create a Username

The final thing you will need to do before signing in is to choose a Username.

This is what will distinguish you from other people on Instagram. For the best results, use your company name.

Note - you will need to use Underscores ( _ ) instead of spaces


Step 5 - Done

After creating your Username, you'll be prompted to follow other Instagram accounts. To skip them, simply tap the tick at the top right.

This should lead you to your dashboards, which is where you'll find all of your posts and the posts of people you follow.


Next, you should set up your Instagram Business Profile,

This will allow you to post directly to your Facebook Business Page, as well as keeping your personal and private Instagram accounts separate. 

Instructions for creating a Business Profile can be found Here.