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E-newsletter  Workflow

Automatic E-Newsletter

E-newsletters are automatically generated and sent as shown in the Email Marketing System (EMS) workflow diagram.

Once a month, usually on the first day of the month, the EMS system makes an RSS requests to your Tumblr account. It requests a copy of all posts made since the  first day of the previous month. It  uses these posts to generate an e-newsletter  which it subsequently sends to your designated staff contacts.  Please note that if the RSS request does not find any new posts then no e-Newsletter is sent. 

On the fourth day of the month, the process is repeated, except this time the RSS feed includes  posts made since the fourth  day of the previous month.  This email is sent to all contacts in your client database.

Please note that due to timing differences the e-Newsletter sent to contacts on the fourth day of the month may contain newer posts that were not present in the e-Newsletter sent to staff on the first day of the month.  


Email Marketing System Work Flow Diagram, click to enlarge.

Email Marketing System Work Flow Diagram, click to enlarge.

manual E-Newsletter

Finally, you can also use the special manual e-Newsletter template to generate a one off e-newsletter at the time of your choosing.  This process also lets you curate the posts you want to include in your e-Newsletter. 

Posting to Tumblr

We recommend that use Instagram to make posts to your Tumblr account. Instagram also lets you  share these posts to your facebook account.
Alternatively,   you can also use the smartphone Tumblr app or computer  to post directly to your Tumblr. The tutorials at the bottom of the page provide step by step instructions on how to setup and use Instagram.